There a six major reasons why Damar gum Mata Kucing is so valuable and expensive. Here are the reasons and an explanation for each:

The first major reason Damar gum Mata Kucing is so valuable and expensive is (1) the superior physical appearance of Damar resin, in comparison with other resins, makes it more useful in manufacturing and commands a higher selling value.

damar gum

Damar gum Mata Kucing has a colorless and transparent physical appearance which makes this resin highly sought after and different from other types of resin. Because of the superior physical appearance of Damar, it is used in copious amounts of materials and goods and has been so used for centuries.

Specifically, Damar gum is used in paint, varnish, linoleum, perfume, and in clothing as a stiffening agent.  Damar gum is also widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food additive industries. And, if you burn Damar Mata Kucing, it smells wonderful too!

The second major reason is (2) the scarcity of the Shorea Javanica tree, from which Damar resin Mata Kucing is harvested. Due to excessive economic exploitation of the tree, you can only find this tree growing well on the west coast of Indonesia in Sumatra to the east coast of Indonesia from Palembang to Lampung.

Damar resin trees were once common throughout Southeast Asia, but because they were heavily logged and overharvested for their resin in the late 19th century by westerners, the vast majority of these highly prized Shorea Javanica trees were decimated by 1920.

Since then, with the help of local farmers and government assistance programs to plant more of these wonderfully useful trees, the population of Shorea Javanica trees have been somewhat restored and rebuilt to a much healthier level today. Yet, these trees still remain rare and must be protected. Our company has a strong commitment to planting more of these wonderful evergreen trees and ensuring the health of the existing trees that we use.

The third major reason is (3) because the external demand is increasing for the resin. There are countless companies around the world in various industries that have taken an interest in this wonderful and useful resin. And, the number of companies using Damar gum in their products is increasing daily.

The fourth major reason is (4) because these evergreen trees require a lengthy time to grow and mature before the resin can be harvested. It generally takes a minimum of twenty (20) years before the resin will be ready to harvest.

The fifth major reason is (5) because harvesting Damar resin Mata Kucing is dangerous and arduous work as local farmers are required to scale the height of these tall trees to make harvesting possible.

The last major reason why Damar gum Mata Kucing is so valuable and expensive is (6) because of location. These trees only grow in two other places in the entire world, and the most robust and healthiest amount of Shorea Javanica trees that exist today are grown primarily in Lampung, Indonesia, where our trees and company are located.


In short, Damar gum Mata Kucing is so valuable and expensive because:

  1. It has a superior physical appearance compared with other resins
  2. There is a scarcity of Shorea javanica trees that produce the Damar resin Mata Kucing
  3. The demand for Damar gum Mata Kucing is increasing around the world
  4. The Shorea Javanica trees take a lengthy time to mature before Damar resin can be harvested
  5. Harvesting Damar resin is dangerous and arduous work; and finally
  6. Damar gum Mata Kucing is so valuable because of location. Only three areas in the entire world grow Shorea Javanica trees, of which Lampung, Indonesia has the most robust and healthiest supply of these wonderful trees. And that is exactly where our trees and company are located.

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