What is Cat’s Eye Damar (Damar Mata Kucing) and Where can I Find it? – The highest quality Damar gum is called Cat’s Eye Damar, also known as Damar Mata Kucing in the Indonesian language. “Damar resin,” “Damar sap,” and “Damar gum” are interchangeable words describing the same product used in countless products for manufacturing purposes all over the world.

What is Cat’s Eye Damar (Damar Mata Kucing)

Cat’s Eye Damar (Damar Mata Kucing) has a high selling value compared to other types of Damar resin due to its superior physical characteristics and high demand. The other types of Damar resin include Damar Batu and Damar Kopal, which are harvested from different types of Damar producing evergreen trees.

The West coast area of Indonesia, Krui, is the largest producer of Damar Cat’s Eye (Damar Mata Kucing). Our warehouses and trees that we harvest from are located in the epicenter of Cat’s Eye Damar production, in West Lampung. West Lampung accounts for 80% of national production of Cat’s Eye Resin, which is then distributed to several regions in Indonesia, or exported world-wide to countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Japan, France, Germany and many countries in Africa.

Damar resin is produced by a forest tree which has the scientific name of Shorea Javanica. The most robust supply of these wonderful evergreen trees are found in the West Coast of ​​Lampung in Indonesia. Shorea Javanica is a rare tree that is deliberately cultivated by the local government by inviting local residents to grow the tree. The growth of this evergreen tree is encouraged by the local government because of its pronounced value and because in the early 1900’s the Shorea Javanica tree population was decimated due to excessive production demands. Today, the Shorea Javanaica tree has made a recovery, and we have the farmers and warehouses to complete large orders of thirty tons of Damar resin or more each month.

we are supplier Damar Gum which is in a prime position to negotiate agreements and fulfill orders due to our extensive capacity. You will not find every company in Indonesia or in the world so well equipped to supply Damar resin each month. Why? This is because large orders are already being placed each month by a myriad of companies in different industries world-wide that require resin. Due to the already high production demands, the overall supply of Cat’s Eye Damar in Indonesia is decreasing. Everyday inquiries are made from the paint, food, drink, clothing, incense, and many other textile industries. Contact us today to ensure that your company’s needs will be met with an adequate supply of this high quality Damar gum.


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