How is Cat’s Eye Damar Gum (Damar Mata Kucing) Harvested? – The process is similar to the process of harvesting sap for maple syrup. To begin with, farmers must locate a suitable tree. Damar gum trees that are ready to be harvested for sap are trees that are generally twenty (20) years old or older. This is the required time for the Shorea Javanica tree to mature so that the sap produced will be more abundant and of good quality.


Harvesting Cat’s Eye Damar Gum (Damar Mata Kucing)

Cat's Eye Damar

Cat’s Eye Damar

1. Farmers begin by clearing the land and bushes around the close proximity of the Damar evergreen tree.

2. The farmer then will make a notch at the bottom of the tree using a patil ax, and the shape of the notch in the tree is a triangle.

3. After making the notch in the tree, the tree will begin to excrete this wonderful resin in about two to four weeks. The resin sap that has dried or crystallized is then pried apart by the farmer using a small ax, and placed into a collection bucket.

After the bottom notch been completed, the farmer will continue this process in the months ahead by scaling the Damar tree using an Ambon (a kind of rope traditionally used for climbing Damar resin trees) to continue creating small notches further up the tree.

4. After taking the Damar resin from the tree, the resin is brought to a Damar warehouse.

5. The resin then undergoes a three day cleaning process in the warehouse.

6. After being brought to a warehouse and cleaned, then the Damar Gum is separated into grades based on quality.

There are six grades of Damar resin. The Damar resins grades include grade A super, grade A regular, grade AB, grade KK CK, grade EE, and grade dust.

Grade A is the highest quality and the most widely exported to foreign countries such as, India, China, Germany, France, Philippines, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Africa etc. Grade dust is the cheapest and of lowest quality.

Amongst the different types of Damar gum, Cat’s Eye Damar from West Lampung is considered the best quality among the majority of critics. The other types of Damar resin include Damar Batu and Damar Kopal, which are harvested from different types of Damar producing evergreen trees.

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