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Why is our quality so good? The most robust supply of Shorea Javonica trees in the world, which produce Damar resin, are located in Lampung, Indonesia. Our pristine trees and warehouse are located in Lampung, and we are ready to fill any order size with the best quality Damar resin found anywhere in the world. 


We will make every effort to build trust through our commitment to quality and honesty. We have an experienced team of farmers and managers, many of which have over twenty-five years in the Damar resin industry. What’s more, you will be hard pressed to find lower prices than our prices because we work directly with our team of farmers. Many Indonesian distributors of Damar resin purchase directly from our company and then charge their customers with increased prices for our Damar supply. 


We provide ongoing assistance and support through the agreement process. Our goal is to respond to every call and email within 24 hours.

About Damar (Mata Kucing)

Damar gum / Damar resin is a natural resin obtained from Dipterocarpaceae family of trees, mainly those of Shorea genus and species Shorea javanica. This tree family is found predominantly in Pesisir Barat Lampung, Sumatra – Indonesia. 

This trees are easy to spot because they are large, upright, and towering trees. If you see a hole in the tree trunk, you can be sure it is a Damar tree. The notch hole was deliberately made so that the tree secretes clear colored resin.

The resin that comes out of the tree is left for 10 days to dry and crystallize. Only then it can be harvested. After the resin is taken, the hole can be notched again so that the resin can come out again.

The quality is graded and determined mainly by the lump’s size, the purity degree and the color. The best quality of Damar gum Mata Kucing has a colorless and transparent physical appearance. Because of the superior physical appearance of Damar, it is used in copious amounts of materials and goods and has been so used for centuries.

Traditionally, Damar resin Mata Kucing is used as material for covering the gaps in the boards of boats and baskets, for making batik, and burned for lighting. And now Damar gum/ Damar resin is used as a raw material in the production of high end dyes, cosmetics, and paints.

Uses of Damar Gum (Mata Kucing)

  • Food & Beverages Industry
  • Confectionery Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Incense Industry
  • Wood Treatment Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Printing & Packaging Industry
  • Varnish
  • and others

​Botanical name    : Shorea Javanica
H.S. No.                 : 1301.90.200

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